Learning Roadmap

Your path to success

We’re more than just a content provider. The success of an education project depends greatly on its context within your organization. It must address a legitimate need, complement existing knowledge, and remain consistent with your cultural values in order to be effective. INVENT can help you maximize the return on your investment in education, beginning with a long-term plan, (or “roadmap”) to move your organization directly towards goals which you establish at the outset. Learning is a journey with a defined destination.  We provide a map, helping learners navigate their road to new knowledge and improved skill sets.


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Our analysis begins with your current initiatives, and the culture that you’ve already cultivated.  A baseline is needed to evaluate progress, and a thorough understanding of those values help us to build materials that are uniquely yours.

Defining Objectives

INVENT Education Services

Next, we’ll work with you to define the results you’re seeking from a well-crafted program. Clear objectives become the waypoints on your learning roadmap.

Identifying Knowledge Gaps

INVENT Education Services

Your audience of learners already contains vast amount of knowledge. Each person possesses a different mix of formal education and life experience, which ultimately informs their behavior. The function of your education program will be to identify and bridge gaps in their accrued knowledge, encouraging new skills and new ways of thinking. The key to efficient education is to capitalize on existing knowledge, concentrating on areas where the gaps are shortest.

Selecting Your Educational Approach

INVENT Education Services

Once we’ve determined what to teach, we’ll need to decide how to teach. Whether it’s animation, expert interviews, simulation, mentorship, or another mix of the seemingly endless options, we’ll find a combination that suits your audience perfectly.

Structuring Lessons

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We know that concise lessons tend to be the most effective. We begin with outlines to ensure that learners are consistently working towards a stated objective. Activities help learners commit new information to memory, while evaluations establish that goals have been met.

Reaching Goals

INVENT Education Services

Achieving learning goals is just as important to us as it is to you. By reaching your goals, the success of your organization will go up and you will get the maximum return on your investment in education.

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