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Custom training portals and content delivery for your live and online training needs

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Shaping and building your educational content is just one way we can serve your organization. We also help to connect learners to lessons. Every message needs a delivery platform, and INVENT provides options. We can build a private training-portal that handles live classes, online courses, and blended learning programs that require a mix of both. Or, we can work with your existing platform to populate it with brand new content.

If you’re interested in a customized learning management system, schedule a demo above and continue reading to check out some of our INVENT LMS features.

Training Portal Access

Users will access the training content through a web browser on a laptop, desktop, or mobile device. Any available domain can be registered to serve as the landing page for visitors. Users must log in with assigned credentials.

User Dashboard

Team members can view their personal information and course status. Direct links to enrolled courses are also available.

Course Library

While enrollments can be assigned by an administrator, users may also view available courses in a library format, and choose to self-enroll if participation is optional.

Course View

When a course is selected, users can explore the lessons and topics within. Courses may be structured sequentially or allow free exploration of the full content. Lessons can also be made available according to calendar dates, which permit scheduling techniques causing lessons to coincide with events occurring outside of the LMS. As a user continues through each course, a progress bar provides a visual representation of their advancement.

Badging and Gamification

Badges are awarded to users when predetermined conditions have been met, such as the completion of a course, or the successful update of one’s profile image. Badges may be used as credentials to identify users with certain skills, or in conjunction with a points system that presents users with a leaderboard-style ranking system.

Analytics and Data Analysis

Utilizing the most current technology to build our courses, xAPI allows us to package and track all of your learners activities and interactions from within the system as well as any activities that occur outside of the system. We also include a analytical tracking and reporting dashboard that stores and reads the data on your server as well as the option to take it a step further and setup customized on demand dashboards to allow custom queries and reports for specific user groups, learners and support staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there local hosting options for hosting an INVENT LMS system?

Absolutely. Instances of our system have been been scaled up to run on load balanced cloud delivery platforms, and scaled down to operate from a standalone Raspberry Pi. We will work with you to determine the best options for your organization.

Do I need another employee to administer your system?

Not necessarily. INVENT becomes an extension of your training department, which may include the administration of your systems.

Do you have the ability to add custom functions to your system?

Yes. We're integrating new features all the time. Though we provide the framework for a "turnkey solution," all of our deployments undergo some level of customization. The INVENT discovery process ensures that your system matches your vision - custom features and all!

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