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Live Class Materials

A live class is an excellent way to help learners focus on a subject. Keeping that focus throughout the session requires structure. INVENT can design lesson plans, presenter notes, media, and demonstrations to support your training objectives. We even have solutions for registrations, payment, and attendee management. Are you getting the greatest possible returns from your live training events?


INVENT Education Services

INVENT Education Services

Online Courses

Online courses allow your learners to access content from virtually anywhere. INVENT builds classes that are both engaging and informative. We’ll develop slides, video, and custom animation to accompany your lessons, and then integrate tracked activities to help gauge how well the lesson is working. We can build lessons that are compatible with your existing platform, or supply you with a custom Learning Management System to serve courses and collect data.


Whether you’re checking for retention, or issuing a certification, INVENT can develop an evaluation technique to provide accurate assessments of critical abilities. We generate rubrics and checklists for practical skill demonstrations, and write exams that go far beyond multiple choice. Many evaluations can be delivered in an online format with instant feedback and automatic record-keeping. No pencils are required!

INVENT Education Services

INVENT Education Services

Voiceover Recordings

If your training relies heavily on video or animation, recorded voiceovers are major part of the learner’s experience. INVENT can create top-quality recordings of your own experts, or have materials read by professional voice-actors. We’ll handle the entire process for you, from transcription and auditions, to editing and merging with visual content. Your lessons will look great; the sound will be fantastic too.

Hybrid Learning Experiences

Work with INVENT to plan and develop themed training to match your brand and culture of choice. We are your creative resource for content, education development and technical training materials.

Do you need some interesting character work done for your training materials? Animated product demonstrations showing how functions of that product works? How about conceptualized spaces needed to help talk your team through an idea or lesson? INVENT Education Services 2D/3D design team and developers can handle those request to create completely customized and original production quality animations and interactive experiences. Whether this is for just one section of a presentation, scripting a scene, or a custom AR (augmented reality) application tracking user interactivity at your aquarium or museum we have you covered.

INVENT Education Services

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