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ModTruss Certification Training

INVENT Education Services

A Challenge

ModTruss entered the entertainment technology scene in the fall of 2014, and has already collected six awards for their contributions to the entertainment, construction, and aerospace industries.

A rapidly expanding network of clients presented a critical challenge. Successful customers are happy customers, and for ModTruss, success is ensured by responsible use of the product. The Institute of Venue and Entertainment technology was engaged to build a manufacturer's certification course to provide designers, dealers, and assembly technicians with a solid foundation in ModTruss best practices.

The Process

INVENT performed a needs-assessment, relying on interviews with ModTruss executive management to develop a long-term plan for educating users on the full array of available products and features. It was soon determined that the first step should be a "Level 1 Certification" that addresses proper handling, inspection, and assembly of the core ModTruss products.

Consultation with the company's own engineers and fabricators provided the knowledge required to deliver a true manufacturer's endorsement. INVENT's team of training experts organized the learning objectives, proposed suitable delivery methods, and then built the course materials to necessary to make the class run. Custom graphics, slides and animations were just the beginning. Hands-on construction activities were integrated into the lessons to ensure that each learner gained more than theoretical knowledge.


The project called for certifications to be awarded. Therefore, INVENT began devising methods for learners to demonstrate mastery of the "Level 1 skills."  First, participants in the class were presented with short exams throughout the day, testing their retention of important facts and procedures. For convenience, the activities were made accessible via mobile devices logged into INVENT's own Learning Management System. Real-time collection of data means that results are automatically recorded in a database for future reference.

Then, to document mastery of handling and assembly skills, INVENT developed the rubrics used by course instructors to evaluate performance of students during live, hands-on activities. These results are also archived online as part of each participant's personal record. Success in both phases of the course - product knowledge and practical skills,  form the basis for this manufacturer certification. Once complete, credentials are automatically awarded, and students are added to the growing roster of qualified ModTruss technicians.





ModTruss and INVENT Education Services

A Collaborative Education Success Story